How To Get Beautiful Lips

Every actress from the Hollywood film fraternity has her own defining feature which sets her apart. Be it Sophia Loren’s razor sharp cheekbones or Angelina Jolie’s brows, we’ve got our favourites in every department. Now when it comes to the gorgeous Jessica Alba, of course, it’s got to be a win in the lip department. That’s why we’re sharing a few beauty tips for the beautiful lips that you can try in order to get a perfectly plump pout.

Pamper your lips
Just as you would give your face some TLC at night with a strict skincare routine, follow a practice for your lips as well. Before turning in for the night, apply a thick coat of Vaseline original pure skin jelly all over your lips. After being the wonder jelly for over 140 years, its triple-purified formula will lock in moisture to keep your beautiful lips soft and smooth.

Add in Peppermint
Looking for a super plump pucker? Dab a few dots of peppermint oil on the centre of your beautiful lips and wait for the magic to happen. The oil will stimulate blood circulation within your lips, cause a slight tingling sensation and leave you with a visibly plumper pout.

If you thought exercises existed only for your biceps, you couldn’t be more wrong! Try adding in a few lip exercises like puckering up, whistling or just smiling. This will help boost the collagen production in your lips.

Care for your lips
Make sure you protect your beautiful lips whenever you step outside with the lip balm give you a hint of colour while caring for your lips.

Brush away
Chapped, dull lips are instant giveaways of a pout that isn’t cared for. Remedy this in an instant by using a sugar scrub on your lips. Not only will it get rid of dry skin, it smells divine and will leave your lips smoother than ever!

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