A Guide To Select Women Trousers

Simple Tips That Will Help Delhi Women Choose Right Kind of Women Trousers.


Today women are working at par with men in almost every industry and sector and with this, the call has originated for professional dressing style, especially in metro cities like Delhi. This has put national and international clothing brands on a continuous run to come up with something new every time to lure Delhites. However, despite every type of modern outfit, trousers retain their unprecedented charm and professional touch for women at their workplace. In other words, trousers are the most preferred formal outfit of many Delhites. But do all kinds of trousers suit every woman? Or, are there some easy tips that when followed while purchasing trousers can make purchasing a better experience? Though there are no set standards and rules as to which type of trouser suits which type of female but yes by following some simple rules they can definitely land up in choosing the right pair of trousers.

Body Structure Plays an Important Role
Women trousers are mostly available in six styles- Straight Leg trousers, Boot Cut Trousers, Cropped Trousers, Gaucho trousers, Skinny Trousers and Wide Leg Trousers, every trouser having its own distinctive feature. Let’s now take a look and analyze as to which trouser style suits whom.

Straight Leg trousers are the most versatile ones and normally go well with everybody type-fat, slim or moderate. Moreover, their wide varieties of design availability make them perfect to be worn either on a business meet or on a normal office day. Though they are ideal wear for women with slender figures or longer thighs.

With a slight flare at the bottom, Boot cut trousers to offer similar design as that of a Straight Leg trouser. These too go well with women of any body type.

Cropped trousers have a hem that falls somewhere between the ankle and the calf. Though they can we worn by women of any body type yet short-statured women should avoid wearing them as due to the cuff they tend to appear much shorter. One more piece of advice this type of trousers should be avoided at the workplace as they do not offer a professional look.

Gaucho trousers bear resemblance to Capri pants with an exception of having wider legs accessorized with a flare at the bottom. Women with long legs can choose gaucho trousers in any style or colour but women with shorter or heavier legs should opt for longer gaucho trousers that too in light colours as darker shades can make their body appear uneven.

Skinny trousers suit women with a straight body and a slim figure. Females with fatty or bulky structure should stay away from wearing skinny trousers.

Since Wide Leg trousers are free-flowing at the bottom they may not be suitable for females having a tall and slender structure. As it can make their lower half appear bigger than their upper half. But women with uneven curves or bulky figure can surely try this as it helps tone down their body structure.

Equipped with these easy tips it’s time for modern Delhi women to go out and shop at some popular stores such as Shoppers Stop, Lee Cooper, or Big Bazaar.

So, now enjoy your shopping experience!

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