5 Influencer Marketing Successful Stories to Draw Inspiration From

Gone are the days when TV advertisements and radio announcements are the most effective marketing tools. In today’s digital age, influencer marketing is taking over traditional marketing tools and strategies and is producing better results. So, if you still think whether or not to include influencer marketing to your strategy, this blog will provide you with some clarity.

You will be surprised to learn that 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations. 40% admits purchasing something after seeing it on social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. In fact, 17% of companies spend over half their marketing budget on influencers. If these stats were not enough to get you into adopting influencer marketing, perhaps the following success stories will for marketing assignment help.

1. Nike Air Vapormax:
Nike, as you may know, is the leading brand in manufacturing and supplying athletic wear and sports equipment. In 2020 alone, the company made around 37.4 billion US dollars globally. You will be glad to know that Nike is also among the top companies in the world to use influencer marketing. The brand has collaborated with celebrities as well as social media influencers for several campaigns to promote their products.

While promoting Nike’s new Air Vapormax series, the brand decided to collaborate with the popular YouTube channel name “What’s Inside?” The YouTube channel is famous for making videos on cutting things up and showcasing what’s inside. At the time of writing this blog, the channel has 7.08 million subscribers on YouTube. However, the father-son duo who runs the channel engaged two of their channels for the campaign.

The YouTubers created a series of seven videos for the campaign and integrated the brand’s messaging into the individual themes of both the channels they used. They created vlogs and Q&As for the “What’s Inside? Family” channel (1.57M subs), and created a video for the main channel where they cut up a Nike Air Vapormax to show the viewers what’s inside.

The video has been viewed 7 million times at the time of writing the blog and has received 55,000 likes. The Nike headquarters trip video published on the 2nd channel of the YouTuber duo currently sits at 1.5M views. The campaign was successful at building buzz for the new line of products from the brand.

2. Fiji Water:
You all may have heard about the Fiji water girl at the 76th Golden Globes – which became an overnight internet sensation. Well, that wasn’t exactly an example of influencer marketing. The packaged water brand joined hands with Instagram influencer Danielle Bernstein (@weworewhat) to promote their product.

Bernstein is a fashion blogger with 2.5M followers on Instagram. Her target audience is clearly defined – women who aim to look good, have a nice body and a healthy lifestyle. In the promotional campaign with Fiji water, Danielle promoted the brand in a unique manner. She made promotional posts on Instagram and appeared in public with a bottle of Fiji water in hand.

The gist of the promo was to give the viewers 8-minute workout videos with Daniele and her personal coach. This marketing technique greatly impacted Danielle’s followers as they started using Fiji water to stay hydrated. Needless to say, the brand got a great boost.

3. H&M:
This brand itself has a great number of followers on Instagram. And that is because of the thoughtful advertising created by the brand. In one of its recent marketing campaigns, the brand joined hands with Julie Sariñana, a fashion blogger who has over 5.7M followers, and Ela Velden, who is a model with 1.7M followers on Instagram.
The idea behind the campaign was to let the influencers go about their regular routine while wearing regular H&M collection. The reason behind the success of this campaign was the fact that the influencers reflected H&M style by themselves.

Since both the influencers personally liked the brand, heir recommendations seemed sincere. The marketing campaigns did not seem forced or annoying. This is the reason why the promotion seemed so appealing to the followers.

4. Pottery Barn:
Pottery Barn joined hands with interior designer Ken Fulk for their new collection of decors. With Fulk, the brand tried to showcase their pieces in a more appealing manner. The collection was named after the designer.

The brand also chose a blogger, Holly Becker, for the campaign. She runs the blog Decor8. She used pieces from the collection to display different ways in which her readers could fit them in their own houses. She also arranged a giveaway where she offered the readers a chance to win a $500 gift card. To boost the engagement of the content for study help, she encouraged the readers to mention their perfect companion for a dinner party.

Through that campaign, the brand generated 500 reader comments and more than a thousand engagements. In fact, the social reach of the campaign was close to 4 million, allowing the brand to successfully promote the new Ken Fulk collection.

5. Maybelline Falsies Push Up Drama:
The popular makeup and styling brand Maybelline wanted to promote to drive sales for their new line of mascara named Falsies Push Up Drama, which was launched at Walmart. In order to fulfil the goal, they roped in beauty influencers who helped them create content on topics like beauty tips and beauty hauls.

The purpose of having these influencers was to drive in-store traffic and promote the in-store displays to advertise the product. The content created by the influencers managed to garner 73,700 views and 35.7 million total impressions. In fact, the influencers’ blog page got over 10,900 engagements. You will be surprised to know that the brand’s total media value increased 1.7 times.

In conclusion,
There are plenty of other examples of successful influencer marketing campaigns. While they are great for inspiration, you need to learn a few things from them. For instance, they all collaborated with influencers within their niche, so that they can target the right group of audience. Moreover, they did plan out the whole campaign, instead of going with the flow.

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