4 Ways You Can Use Your Hair Straightener

A Straightener is awesome. But do you know why a Straightener is more than just awesome? That is because if you know how it use it well, you can use it to style your hair better than simply sleek!

Here’s a little of what you can do with your magic wand:

Crimping- Now you would think it’s hard to crimp your hair with something that’s essentially made to straighten them, but no! It’s actually pretty simple. All you got to do is make numerous braids and then use your straightener over them. When you open those braids, you have beautifully crimped hair! This way, it doesn’t take a lot of time and is done perfectly!

Beach Waves- This one is quite easy and quick. You don’t need to make sure that your hair is all straightened out or properly curled or anything else that you might worry about otherwise. Just start from the roots and while you move to the tip, hold the straightener tight and move it in a wavy manner. It doesn’t need to be neat or equal with all the strands. After all, beach waves should be wavy!

Comb and Straightener- If you think it gets difficult for you to handle your strands while you straighten them, this trick is for you. Well it’s quite easy. You just need to hold a Vega fine toothed comb in the other hand and move it through your hair, and follow the same with your Vega Hair Straightener. It doesn’t sound like much but you will see it actually saves you a lot of time and makes your process efficient.

Curl- Haven’t bought a Vega Hair curler yet? Well, firstly you should order it soon, and in the meantime, You can use your Hair Straightener as a curler! Just like you roll your hair around your hairbrush and blow the dryer over them, you do it with your straightener and you don’t even need anything else!

Very often, we aren’t even able to use our appliances to their full potential. Now that you know about all these styles you can try out with your Hair Straightener’ tell us about which one you loved the most! Can you name a few more styles?

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