Vega Handmade Combs Colorful Spectra Combs Reviews

I have been wanting a good quality hair comb for a while. I was just wandering a unique combs through web, but I suddenly saw an image in Facebook. The combs colors was fabulous and it attracts me to buy these combs. I picked these colorful spectra combs from a regular general store during our Mumbai tour.
vega handmade comb
This is actually the first time I am using a such a nice handmade combs. I mostly just use to mess my hair with regular combs but this brush is pure bliss. You can part your hair with it and it fits the palm nicely. Then the bristles are neither hard nor too soft. It creates the right amount of pressure and tease for the hair. Love that it’s so sleek and can be easily traveled with. Now I keep dual shaded spectra comb in my purse while I travel somewhere.

Shraddha Nigam

Shraddha Nigam is an avid writer, curious reader and an enthusiast traveler. She holds a technical degree in engineering. While working in the software industry she developed a keen interest in writing and decided to pursue it as a full time career. She has also been a computer science teacher. She has written several blogs, articles, guest posts, tutorials, website content and PRs. She loves to write on topics of diverse domains such as Ayurveda, Homeopathy, HTML, cloud computing, lawsuit funding, stock markets and the like. Travelling to far off places and exploring their scenic beauty in their natural habitat is one of her passions. London is her favorite travel destination and Stratford-Upon- Avon is her middle England’s best picnic spot. William Shakespeare is her favourite writer and she is fond of his incredible plays and sonnets.

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