Valentine’s Day is Not Just the Commercialization of Love

What is Valentine’s Day? “A commercial party,” For about sixty years, February 14 is sometimes regarded as conformist and outdated, sometimes perceived as an opportunity to show his affection to the loved one.

Throughout the world, lovers are offering flowers, lingerie or sweet words. Most of them are unaware of the gloomy beginnings of this event. Yet, in the time of #MeToo and #BalanceTonPorc, this tradition resonates more than ever with a past where sexual and gender-based violence was normalized.
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February 14 is Women’s Hunt Day

And for good reason, when the Church begins its war at the “February”, it is not bouquets of flowers that men offer women, but lashes. The goal, they say, is to make them more fertile and purify them by hitting their naked bodies.

“These celebrations were very violent towards women,” notes the researcher, citing the “bear festivals” of the continent’s forested regions.

In this medieval Europe, men disguise themselves every year as a bear to “chase” women in public places to bring them into their “tannery” to make them undergo all sorts of things, including rape.

More than tolerated, this type of action is then seen as a positive development of the February celebrations, the previous tradition being more focused on the collective rape of girls

Bear or the Teddy Bear?

The fifteenth and sixteenth centuries happily spell the end of these terrible traditions. Valentine’s Day is a poetic turning point. Poem or drawing, men begin to create works to declare their love to their Valentines.

Although the relations between the sexes have been pacified, the Church has not said its last word. She continues her hunt for the last “bears”, going as far as literally slaughtering these animals during beats. The animals are also mocked in the public square.

Mocked, reduced to making antics at the market, they lose their strong sexual image – until they become the stuffed teddy bear that lovers offer themselves on February 14th.

Although ingrained in tradition in France, these celebrations disappear from the European calendar in the nineteenth century when the Church pushes the authorities to fine Valentines.

As it fades into Europe, the party reappears on the other side of the Atlantic, where the importation of British cards brings out a new market.

It was not until after World War II that Valentine’s Day reappeared in Europe, especially in France, where American soldiers, still stationed at military bases, tried to seduce the French women by buying them flowers. And it works.

Florists sniff the vein from the 1950s to the 1960s and the party returns to his homeland before spreading around the world.

It’s banned in 30 Countries

Today international, Valentine’s Day still continues to cringe in thirty states, where it is repressed. In Saudi Arabia, the religious police patrol every February 14, on the lookout for the smallest teddy bear. In other countries, red is outlawed throughout this day.

In some parts of India, Hindu extremist groups ensure that young women do not flirt on café terraces.

Cambodia has recently decided to set up patrols near cheap hotels, where young couples can spend three hours for a few tickets. The Ministry of Education even put in place exams on February 14 for high school students to stop drying classes.

The authorities know that for some years, Valentine’s Day has become an opportunity for young girls to lose their virginity. What many do, not without pressure.

In 2014, almost half of Cambodians aged 15 to 24 revealed their intention to go to bed on Valentine’s Day, whether or not their partner consented. In 2017, the Minister of Education even went so far as to alert young people, highlighting, not consent, but respect for traditional values.

Time to Debunk the Myths

The very etymology of this Valentine’s Day, where our dear priest gave himself the pleasure of celebrating the marriage of young lovers. Did the priest Valentine found there a special interest? No.

He did it just out of love and out of respect for the LOVE that these young people felt for one another. But it is clear today that we are hiding behind this day to satisfy our pleasures, our libidos, our interests, and so on.

You celebrate love and it is you who hate your neighbor to death, thinking that the mere fact of loving your partner or your partner is enough to say to have celebrated the love. No. Look around you. How much love have you brought to the hearts of people around you?

The basic aspect of this festival, where, the young singles think that it is the ideal night to mate; where young ladies hope to receive gifts from their suitors.

If your suitor does not offer you a gift that date, where do you go every other day? If your partner agrees to take you to the restaurant tonight, where did he spend the other days?

Final Thoughts

Although it is necessary to spice up relations, but leave this day to those who are legally married, and who assume their relationship. Do not settle for a one-night relationship to say you’ve accomplished love.

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