Skill India Awards

Skill India Awards have been created to honor individuals and organisations who being in their respective fields, share the dream of empowering others, creating opportunities and adding to the economic growth of the country.

skill India awards 2017

An endeavour to acknowledge the CHANGE MAKERS.

  • To honour those who are bringing in a significant impact with their compassion and endurance.
  • Who have set standards for free enterprise.
  • Who have bestowed by taking responsibility.
  • Who have adopted challenges to bring in the changes.
  • One common platform to celebrate the spirit of individuals, groups, communities who are building prosperous societies by delivering opportunities.
  • Through the platform of Skill India Awards, we intend to introduce and acknowledge these Change Makers to the world and salute the spirit of New India.
  • It will be an annual event to be held in the capital of the country, in the presence of an independent jury comprising of country’s eminent leaders from various fields. The awards are especially designed in a way where each individual will be remarkably acknowledged for the sweat they have taken to create their services for the benefit of the society.


Skill India Awards intend to create one common platform for like-minded and high spirited people who with their skill and passion are contributing and are willing to contribute to the society’s growth while uplifting themselves- morally, socially and economically.

Why Enroll in Skill India Awards

  • Acknowledgment by Prominent leaders
  • Visibility across the Nation.
  • Credibility in the industry.
    New benefits and relationships for independent growth.
  • Business development opportunities.
  • One platform for like-minded visionaries.
  • Extensive media visibility.


Created and initiated by NGO Struggle for Justice in association with Jago Gaon, Skill India Awards team comprises of dedicated people coming together with profound experience to form a platform specially designed for the free enterprise world. Having offices in the country’s capital, Struggle for Justice and Jago Gaon team is working quite extensively in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Maharashtra in the field of health & education in association with many independent groups.

Venue Details:

  • Date & Time: Sat, 2 Sep 2017 1:00PM – 7:00PM
  • Address: Siri Fort Auditorium, Siri Institutional Area, Asian Games Village Complex, Gautam Nagar New Delhi, Delhi (State) 110049
  • Fee: Rs.6000/-

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