Live Show ‘2 Paise Ki Jannat’ at Lodhi Estate, Delhi

Live show “Do Paise ki Jannat” is a political satire written by Abdul Bismillah. The play shows an emperor drunk in power embarks on the mission of creating a jannat (heaven) for himself. At first, all his advisers and officers advice him not to go on with the idea but when they find their personal benefit in the plan, no sooner than later they start building a jannat for their emperor. For which, they increase the number of taxes on the people of the kingdom, loot them of their gold and other expensive items, take loans from neighboring kingdoms and make the poor people pay for these loans as well.
The play depicts the difference between those in power and the common man. How these politicians who are drunk in power can go on to do some bizarre things which no one can ever think of. How they forget the phrase,’With great power comes great responsibility’.

Do Paise ki Jannat stands the test of time as the situations described in the play hold true in current political scenario. The play raises a lot of important questions in a hilarious manner. What all goes through in creating this jannat? Will the emperor finally get his jannat? Answers lie in the play for all of you to see.

  • Time: Sat, 5 Nov 2016 5:00PM
  • Venue: Alliance Francaise De Delhi, Delhi
  • Entry Fee: Rs 100 onwards

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